Announcing Level II Course

The purpose of the Level II Course is to build and expand the canine diagnosticianís knowledge and abilities while developing a larger resource base to continue on to the Level III program.

Class will be October 6 - 7, 2006 at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control Center


The Level II course is designed to update the Level I Diagnostician with new information.  We have made contacts with many new service dog organizations that each have different methods of selecting potential service dogs.  There will be more hands on working with dogs and we will have several GAP dogs so each student can test them.  We have some new demonstration trainers lined up to help expand the Level I Diagnosticians knowledge. We will also include a section on rewriting a dogs resume!

Students will be required to:

Bring their GAP Manual so it can be updated.

Bring their GAP testing bag with all level one tools.

Be prepared to test and work several dogs, including a GAP dog.

Be prepared to give a 5-10 minute talk on how you are using GAP Training.

Click here for the signup sheet!