Announcing Level III Instructor Course


The purpose of the Level III Course is to build and expand the canine diagnostician’s knowledge and abilities while developing a larger resource base to teach the program.   




The class will be taught over a two day period, 16 hours with 8 students (MAX).

Presentations of various areas of Level I that have been assigned to them, along with reports they have prepared before class.

Demonstration of a GAP Specialty from the list of GAP placement options.


Candidates will Be Required to:                                                                                                    


  1. Do a one page book report on a book they have read on the reading list on their GAP Placement Specialty.
  2. One 15 - 30 minute presentation on a GAP area of placement:

Including what Breed of dogs most often used in this type of work; the training required to develop the dogs gifts, and personal stories as to why they like this type of service dog.

  1. A list of 3 agencies in the area they have contacted about possible placement of GAP dogs
  2. Demonstrate their ability to Instruct Level I by teaching 7 minutes of one of the GAP level I chapters using the existing Power point presentation.
  3. Demonstrate training technique as it relates to dogs
  4. Demonstrate the basic evaluation techniques used by GAP
  5. Written exam over general knowledge of GAP, parts of the dog, health, training, history, evaluation and items they should know about their specialty.
  6. (Optional) Have an expert in their specialty do a ˝ hour demo of their Specialty.


Upon completing and passing the LEVEL III course the Canine Diagnostician will become part of the training staff.  The will be expected to help teach the GAP level I course. They will be qualified to make individual placements.  They will also receive the rewards of expanding the GAP Program to save more lives!