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Cannine Evaluation Response Tool


Is one of the most versatile instruments, capable of acquiring a variety of measurements. CERTS are easy to use and are a necessity when testing High Energy Focus (HEF), Play Drive and Hunt Drive in canines. CERTS have multiple functionalities and are combined in one package. Hand-held they are sufficient for simple measurements but for increased speed, accuracy, and functionality more robust tools should be used. This document describes the common use and measurements that can be made with this tool.

Simple Evaluation Tests

 1. Throw a ball or toy 10 times. The dog should chase and grab the
 ball each time. He does not have to bring the ball back. All we ask is
 that he goes and gets it and hangs on to it.
 2. Next, hold on to the dog, throw the ball and wait 15 - 30
 seconds before letting the dog go. He should go after the ball and hunt
 until he finds it.

 3. Finally, hold the dog, throw the ball, wait 15 - 30 seconds.
 Ideally, the ball should not be visible.  Throwing the ball into tall grass is best.
Turn the dog around in a full circle before letting him go. Again, he should hunt for the toy until he finds it. You should see the dogs nose going toward the ground
 to pick up scent of the toy.

 4. Have a friend or neighbor meet you and the dog at a park or
 empty schoolyard. Have the friend repeat the above process. This step
 is important! The dog MUST be away from its "home" area and work for a
 If your dog can pass these simple tests, is in good health, and between
 1 and 3 years of age, the GAP Program would love to do second evaluation on
 the dog.


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