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Here are a few examples of dogs the GAP Program has placed into service work!


Stetson is a 2 year old yellow lab that was planning a career in detection work.  All of his tests said that he would be great.  However he found that therapy work was his calling!  Stetson now works in the hospital and rehab units with a physical therapist helping children to stretch their mussels in work out sessions.  



Jake is a drug detection dog, working for a local Sherriff's office.  His high energy may have cost him a trip to the animal shelter, but with GAP's help he now has a job he loves!    He has several "arrests" under his collar, and has proven his worth to the department!  


Gus is a drug detection dog working in a city Police force.  Gus was identified by students in a GAP class!  His unusual appearance defies breed description, he has a little bit of lots of breeds.  Gus has become a celebrity in his city, making visits to schools and civic groups are all a part working day.  His handler has told us that he is glad Gus does not know how to drive a squad car, it keeps him in a job!


Tess, a Border Collie mix, had problems living in town trying to heard all the local children and keeping them the all together. Tess was the perfect ranch dog for an east Texas Rancher. Working the cows, riding in the truck, and chasseing the horses, she has turned out to be one of the best cow dogs the rancher has ever had!



Chance is a  3 year old black lab. When we saw him at the shelter, he had mange so bad he had almost no hair.  He was emaciated and looked like a walking skeleton. But he had the kind of drives that we are always looking for!  

Chance recovered and was placed in Search and Rescue because of his uncommon nerve strength and tenacity he works at saving the lives of people lost or missing.

His great thundering bark alerts rescuers as to his location and the lost person.



Bosco is an ordinance detection dog, commonly called a "bomb dog".  His time was up at the shelter and he was scheduled to be put down.  His high energy was driving everyone around him nuts!  Now he is working at a military base in Afghanistan keeping our troops safe.  Chick Gardner, pictured with Bosco, went to Afghanistan with him for six weeks as his handler. Chick reported that the dogs all see the Veterinarian twice a week and are allowed to only drink bottled water.  As his handler, he could drink from a mud puddle, but not allow the dog to join him! These dogs cannot be easily replaced on guard duty, the handler can!  When Chick and Bosco were not "on duty" they did pet assisted therapy by visiting the troops so Bosco could share some of his kisses with everyone!


Buddy, a Blue Healer mix, was looking for more outside fun and games!  He found it with his new owners in Agility!  Buddy was one of the many dogs that donít quite make it in detection work but have the toy drive and focus to play this sport.  Buddy is enjoying his new life with an active family and they are thrilled with him!


Davey Rock Trubo


Note:  We do not usually receive permission to post pictures of dogs that are placed with law enforcement agencies.  This agency did give us permission!  The agency and officers names are not mentioned for both the dogs and officers safety.

  Buster may be small in size, but he is HUGE in heart and drive! He had the potential to be able to do almost any type of detection work, but most agencies that we work with want their detection dogs to be at least 19 inches at the shoulder.  Obviously, Buster was not even close the the height requirements. We think they missed an awesome dog!
  Buster has proven us to be right as he is currently working as a FEMA Disaster Search and Rescue dog. This type of work requires the very best dogs. Buster's small size is helping him in this line of work as he is able to search areas that the bigger dogs are unable to get into.   


Cody was rescued from one of our East Texas shelters.  The testing done at the shelter told us that he might become a great search dog.

Cody's new handler contacted us just a few days before we found Cody, looking for a search dog.  Sometimes the placements are made in Heaven!


Sissy came to us from the Mesquite Animal Services shelter.  She was fairly young and we were having second thoughts on placing her.  She rose to the challenge, and it was like a light switch was turned on!  She showed us all the things that were just waiting to come out.

  Sissy and her handler are working with the Chicago German Shepherd Search and Rescue group. 

Duncun Duncan

Duncan is a peanut detection dog.  He has a fit if his buddy goes anywhere near food cooked in peanut oil or anything that has peanuts in it. Duncan was rescued from the Duncanville animal Shelter.

Blaze   Blaze

Blaze is one of our "retreads".  He was a working police dog and through no fault of his, he was "retired".  We were able get him before he was taken to the animal shelter.  Blaze is working in a small city where he is the drug dog in the department.  He and his handler have been a great force in keeping drugs out of the area! 

Hutch   Hutch

Hutch is one awesome dog!  He is working for a local police department, so we do get to watch him work.  That is pure pleasure! Hutch and his handler were trained and certified in record time, and had their first bust within a week of certification. 

Ink  Ink 

Ink came to us from as an owner release. 

Ink has been trained as a dual purpose dog. Not only will she detect the odor of drugs, but she will "arrest" the bad guys!  Ink and her handler are a great team.  He protects her, and she protects him.  It is a joy to watch them work!

Radar Radar

Radar was placed with a local ISD Police department.  We had hoped that Radar would not get a bust all school year.  Unfortunately, Radar got his first bust the second day of school!

Radar and his handler are a great team.  They will be a great part of keeping this school system drug free.

Moses Moose  
Moses Moose

These good looking guys are working for a state agency as drug interdiction officers.

Oh, the handlers are good looking guys too!



Chick and JJ the Bomb Dog JJ was rescued from the Houston SPCA and was going to be an assistance dog with Texas Hearing and Service dogs.  He quickly proved that was NOT the job for him!  JJ was reevaluated and placed with the Strike 1 K9 Unit.  JJ has been trained and certified as an Explosives Detection dog. The picture was taken after JJ secured the HMX-1 Marine Presidential Helicopter and hanger prior to the arrival of the President and guests.

Some of our shelter rescues are keeping good company!



Bouncing Betty Claymore Harley
Bouncing Betty Claymore Harley
Bouncing Betty came to us from the Fort Worth Animal Services Center.  We are real glad she has learned to sit still long enough for a picture! Claymore was brought to us from Bedford Animal Services.  Harley came to us from Collin County Animal Services.  He has a lot of fans at SWIT where I tested him in the parking lot.  He made it!
All three of these dogs from animal shelters are explosives detector dogs, commonly called "Bomb Dogs".  They may have been thrown away or turned loose and unwanted by previous owners, but they are now highly trained members of an elite team keeping people safe from harm.  I hope we never know how many lives these dogs will save in the course of their careers.  We wish them and their handlers a long and safe career.  Also, three word of wisdom from Chick and Steve: "Trust your dog!"